Saturday, December 4, 2010

A big than-you to those who make Blackberry Junction possible

Our Christmas 2010 show was a big success, thanks to all of our wonderful customers who help to support us through each & every show.
I would also like to give a big THANK-YOU to all of those hard working people who are behind the scenes of the show. Without these guys,we couldn't possibly transform the grange into the creative vignettes that we do.
My hat's off to Allen who helps build & transform some of the unique & beautiful furniture pieces that we feature, as well as loading,unloading props, spraying weeds, cutting down bushes & briars from the parking lot so customers can park & driving the large trailers to & from each & every show.
Shirley who puts up with us keeping the large trailers filled with the props & other misc. stuff stored in her barn.
Misty & David for doing a lot of the heavy lifting & Creative storing of the large benches & furniture that fill the grange before each show, as well as helping to set up props & then again tear them back down for the final clean up.
Thank-you to Alice & Dana for all of their help with the many late nights they have stayed up to help us put both stamps & labels on the flyers as well as clean up.
Angela who works her tail off trying to help figure out where to put 5000 items or more in a space where only 3000 items will fit...
The designers & talented vendors who work around the clock making the show both beautiful & perfect for opening day.
Heidi who spends half of the night up baking so we always have fresh & yummy goodies to munch on.
Danielle, who takes the great photos for the blog, so that we can give the customers a sneak peak before the show opens.
Last but certainly not least, thank-you to all of the creative vendors who also work around the clock not only making their wonderful items, but help to keep everything running so smooth once we open the doors.