Friday, April 13, 2012

Sneak Peek April 2012!!!

As usual the talented artists and vendors of this one of a kind show have out done themselves!!! I just love this piece --- Ten reasons to buy something here!!! We have some new items to the show and we proudly welcome back Cafe Venae with Mandy's scrumptious carrot cake!! Stop by and get a latte and browse the many wonderful displays !!!!

Awesome table clock!!!

Great spring decor by Holly!!!
Always happy to see the crafty chix!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


We are all so very excited to have this long dreary winter season behind us, so we can focus on the spring. As most of you have seen by our ads & flyers, it is time once again for our fun & colorful spring show....Well in spite of the continual rain, we are trying to be optimistic....
As always we will have a lot of wonderful items from our original talented vendors, as well as a few new ones. It is always so very exciting to see what is in store for us as the trucks, vans & u-hauls begin to roll up & start unloading all of their treasures.
Remember the dates. Pre-sale is Thursday April 12th 4-8 PM (tickets for this evening will be $15.00 at the door). It is open to all of you who want to join in the fun before we open to the general public. This evening does include hors 'deurves, hourly drawings as well as a chance to shop before it gets kinda crazy & busy opening weekend. Our doors open to the public on Friday April 13th & will run thru the 21st. (10-6 everyday, & of course there is no admittance fee for the show).
Hope to see you there!