Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Autumn Excitement In the Air!

Well it's mid June already, & I wanted to let all of you know how much fun we are having putting the next show together!
The vendors are all a buzz trying to collect all of their special treasures, sewing machines are humming ,paint is flying, and O- Babie Bakery is working on mouth watering recipes for the autumn season! (Yum!).
I thought you might want a sneak-peek of what we are working on for the September show, so here is a taste....
Once you walk into the historic grange, you will be be surrounded by the warm rich hues of autumn. Lots of hand-made pumpkins made from wonderful fabrics,beautifully sewn quilts & table-runners , wooden primitive items, great plaques & photos for your walls, & of course tastefully done Halloween items.
Let's not forget the luxurious black, white, creme, silver & crystal look of the "Hollywood" theme that is so popular.
Walk a little farther & experience the rich cremes of the shabby chic /Paris Flea Market/old world travel area.(If that doesn't make you want to hop on a plane, nothing will!).
It will be a great show, & I hope that all of you can make it!
September 18th -26th 2009. 10-am-6:00 pm.
Also,Thank-you for all of the vendor inquires, but we are not currently accepting any new vendors for the autumn or Christmas shows. (I might however have a few openings for the spring show in March 2010). Please direct your inquiries to Yopledesigns@netzero.com. Thanks & hope to see all of you in September!

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Jessie said...

I've got to say...I'm so excited for your autumn show! My wedding October 3 and I hope to find a few little trinkets to make that day extra special! :)