Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Late October & the sky is starting to darken with those oh so familiar gray rain clouds....Guess what that means?...The hustle & bustle of the holidays are soon approaching!
Starting on Friday the 13th of November (through the 21st), you will be able to forget some of the darkness & gloom outside as you walk into the brightly lit Fairmount grange to celebrate the well loved Blackberry Junction Holiday show.
Once again our talented vendors have out-done themselves collecting & , creating beautiful yet original items such as, painted furniture, hand sewn items, fine hand-crafts, ornaments, collectibles, antiques, jewelry & lots of other great items!
What a fun way to spend some time on a cold rainy day. Just shopping for that hard to buy for person as you walk around munching on warm freshly baked cookies streight from the oven!
We will see you in November.....

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