Thursday, September 1, 2011

Great things planned for our big autumn show!

Lots of activity going on in the old Borden warehouse where our show will be taking place. Quite a few vendors have already started construction on their eye-popping displays & moving in some of their beautiful items. It's getting pretty exciting right about now!
Not only are the vendors getting excited, but some of the local businesses have been coming around to check out all of the activity. Some of them are going to be having their own sales & events around our show dates so the customers will have plenty of things to look at after they leave Blackberry Junction. Shops such as Albany's first stop antique mall who are planning on running a store wide sale that will be open daily from 10-6 Sept. 16th thru 24th. They are located in a large 3000 sq. ft. brick building at 131 Montgomery St. N.E. (2 blocks west of Blackberry Junction), & their annex store at 321 1st. St. inside Montgomery Park.......
Also getting ready for our event is Van Duzer Winery, O-Babie Bakery, Melting Pot, & Gourmet Mix Market who will all be treating our customers to tastings on our pre-sale evening, (Thursday Sept. 15th from 4-8 pm).......Sounds like a good time to me!!!
We will keep you up-dated with the latest info. & photos.

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