Saturday, October 27, 2012


The days are getting shorter & the weather is beginning to change.....AND you know what that means......It means that all of us here at BLACKBERRY JUNCTION are getting ready for our BEAUTIFUL Holiday show 2012!
Sewing machines are humming, paint is flying & glitter is ALL over the house!!!! (Really not kidding here)....My house gets sooooooooo shiny, glittery & cluttered with ornaments & fabric remnants  around this time of year that I won't even let my neighbors in! Geeze what a mess....But it's all good & certainly worth it. We have LOTS of great vendors who have been working non stop getting ready for this show, so we can bring all of you the wonderful treasure you come to know & expect from us.
Hope to see all of you there!
Pre-sale Nov. 8th 4-8 pm. (Tickets for $15.00 sold at the door for this event). We will have treats & as usual our hourly drawing for those of you who attend this event.  REMEMBER it is open to anyone who wants to shop in peace without all of the crowds on Opening weekend.... The regular show times will be Fri. Nov. 9th -17th from 10-6pm everyday, with no admission fee.
Remember to wear comfy shoes (you will be there a while taking in all of the displays & shopping) & bundle up, it's wintertime & it will probably be a bit chilly because of the opening doors!
See you soon and be ready to be dazzled!!!!!

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